Viabizzuno dubai showroom at ikonhouse

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Viabizzuno announces a competition  to award a graduation prize to young graduates in calendar years 2019 and 2020 who have written and defended degree theses whose main topic is light in its broadest sense. the rationale behind the competition is the dissemination of the culture of light and rewarding young graduates who have dedicated themselves to this subject; the prize is a recognition of personal merit and a consideration for the project carried out. the winner will be awarded a prize of € 10,000.


Senior Lighting consultant at ikonhouse

We are excited to welcome our new member Joana Daoud as Senior Lighting Designer.     She   will take care of lighting for ikonhouse with her expertise in lighting design and consultation and representing viabizzuno in the region.

Viabizzuno at ikonhouse

ikonhouse is the exclusive dealer of viabizzuno in the UAE . With its extensive range and diversity of the products, we are excited to be home for the brand in the region.