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ikonhouse is the exclusive dealer of Viabizzuno in the UAE. With its extensive range and diversity of the products, we are excited to be home for the brand in the region.

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Light For Living

We consider light as the 'fourth dimension' of architecture. Good architecture can be made even better by placing it in the right light. Setting the right light ambience for the right situation is an integral part of the ultimate living. 

Light and warmth are retreating into our lounge rooms, where we enjoy each other's company, food preparation, good books and much more. Light interprets spaces and helps us perceive and experience them.

Let us inspire you with lights for    your    living.

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mario nanni

mario nanni has been designing light for 35 years. He's known as a poet of light, defined as a lighting designer, visionary and artist, but he likes to be called as progettista, a word to describe ''the one who makes the project''. Self-taught, Mario discovered his fascination or light in the darkness of cinema where he use to go with his grandfather. Mario is the founder and creative director of viabizzuno.


via bizzuno

V iabizzuno is the name of the main road of the small village Bizzuno located in the province of ravenna, where mario nanni was born on the 21 07 1955 at n°17, between the ‘casa del popolo’ and the local parish church. from here the name of the   company founded in nineteen ninety-four represented by a white space intersected by two lines one vertical, well balanced, logical, clean, the other dynamic, irreverent, ironic. separate and yet complementary.


A philosophy, a life project, our story. a beyond that overlaps with the existing. the Viabizzuno system a whole made of connections, vital links of several systems that organically in the right measure produce lucedigrandebellezza.